Pulmonary embolism long term effects

The pain I was feeling in my chest was Pleurisy which is an inflammation of the middle lining of the lung.Interestingly, like one of the other people who commented on your post, my PE has been attributed to my use of NuvaRing.I am also seeing a pulmonologist, with additional pulmonary function test.But the actual cause of the PE I am certain was the extreme heavy metal toxicity.Many thanks to you and the entire community for your stories, encouragement and kindness through it all.

When I did return to soccer on 1.22.17 I had an injury on my calf (right knee as well) and felt a very intense and excruciating pain right behind my knee.Well the pain did not go away and in fact, only got worse and had spread to all my joints, bones and muscles.But at the same time, like others have said, I need to know why.After two days waiting a young doctor turned up with good and bad news.

It felt as though someone had beat my arm with a baseball bat.Always check up with your Doctor and Chemist, what might suit one person might not suit all.I also was severely anemic and still have problems with my Iron.

If you are, send me a quick note through the contact tab and I would love to discuss further with you.He listened to my heart, monitored my stress progress up to a 100% heartrate of 187 bpm via ecg telemetry, o2 sat, blood pressure etc, and poked around my chest and abdomen.So an embolus from either leg can end up in either lung and all of them go through the right side of the heart.Thankyou Sara I am like a coil wound up,I feel like every time I walk I am going to faint.I will do had not even thought of anything like that.I will let you know what doctor says.I think your story is testament to things can and DO get better and can give us all some hope.

I hope this can help in some way, even if it is to let you know you are not alone.I felt like that as well, and I thought it would NEVER get better.My body was trying to tell me something was wrong and I shrugged if off as a running injury.She has quite a few elderly patients who take anticoagulant medications for a variety of reasons.At the end of the day sometimes my words come out messed up and slurred.Warfarin is an effective long-term oral anticoagulant option.

I was able to return to work full time after being home 8 weeks after being released from the hospital.I did some physical therapy for about a month and half before returning to soccer.You are most definitely not alone, even though it does feel that way.I spend more months than I care to think about feeling that way.The team of doctors here has been wonderful in explaining things and answering all of my questions.I finally got in to see the pulmonary specialist yesterday after many follow up calls and am very glad I did.

I remember it was hot the day of the race, and I was very tired, which I think impacted me.Since I still have difficulty riding at a race pace I am planning to enter my first race in August.I am not the woe is me type or question why this happened to me.And, both recoveries had their ups and downs with setbacks that are discouraging.I find it hard that my lungs will hurt due to weather, I live in Canda and we have had a long winter of -32 Celsius temperatures this winter.

I am a huge believer that any physical activity we can do is helpful for not only our bodies, but our minds.The bruise is just a bruise I had it looked at.one less thing to worry about.Beginning of February I fell backwards over my husbands wheelchair onto our tiled floor and sustained a BIG bruise, the size of a mans hand, on my upper thigh.

I had a second PE after I went off blood thinners from a DVT in the same knee so the knee was damaged in a way that probably triggers clots.No one ever really told us how long we would feel less than healthy or how tired we would be.I can see the long term path now, I think you will too in time.I originally had a hard time breathing, and then it got better.I was diagnosed this past Monday and can relate to all of these feelings.Have a appointment being made for a echo and a six minute walk with doctor and breath test.I immediately had intense chest pain so they did an EKG which was fine.And, know that you do have people here on this blog that want to be supportive and do understand what you are going through.Then after 4 weeks I added stair climber, water running and weights.

I started back up just before Christmas, in early January I started coughing up low traces of blood and had to stop.My consultant said it would take 2 years to totally recover so perhaps I am wanting too much too quickly.A few days later I was starting to feel better, I stopped the pain meds and continued with my no pain meds program.I can also relate to you and what you say about your husband.I was in a lot of pain for the first 3-6 months of my recovery.

Cut out all sugar, processed carbs, drink more water and get burst training exercise.He was able to alleviate my fear about going to sleep and not waking up.Last night I went into the er (for the third time in 3 days) and I had a wicked chest pressure and pain, and felt like I was filled right up from my tummy to the back of my throat.The drug is Adempas and it has given me my life back, once again.Instead of going to the emergency room I went to a Doc-in-the-box.He is also seeing a doctor who is removing all the heavy metals from his body.And, I have one by my computer to remind me to get up and get moving.