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A study utilizing warfarin-treated rats suggested that supplemental vitamin K2 prevents arterial calcification.When taking a blood thinner it is important to be aware of its possible side effects.In a study of rabbits fed a high-cholesterol diet, supplemental vitamin K2 provided several measures of cardiovascular protection, including decreasing circulating cholesterol, reducing the tendency of blood to clot abnormally, and preventing the development of atherosclerotic plaque and arterial wall thickening. 20.While you are taking blood thinners, it is important that you are able to recognize the side effects.

But drinking too much of juice can cause some side effects such as. anticoagulant warfarin.If severe, the reaction can cause swelling on the hands and lips, and difficulty breathing.Aspirin can irritate the stomach and intestines and may cause indigestion, nausea, and vomiting.Nattokinase Side Effects and Dangers. Any time your body is at risk of losing too much blood,.

In some rare instances heparin can cause an allergic reaction.Other common side effects include abdominal pain, indigestion and diarrhea.Drug interactions may change how your medications work or increase your risk for serious side effects.Here, we examine why those using blood-thinning medications should speak with their physician on how to best incorporate low-dose vitamin K as part of their prevention regimen.

Vitamin K has long been known to regulate control of blood clotting.

Treatment for a Coumadin Overdose. seek medical attention immediately if you believe that you may have taken too much Coumadin. Coumadin Side Effects.

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Overwhelmingly, the data showed that supplemental vitamin K1 or K2 reduced loss of bone mass.

Drug information on Lovenox (enoxaparin), includes drug pictures, side effects, drug interactions, directions for use, symptoms of overdose, and what to avoid.

In general, antibiotics must be followed extremely closely to avoid either too much or too little coumadin.If you are taking coumaden, you need to have routine blood testing to monitor you International Normalized Ratio (INR.) This is an international measure of blood clotting which attributes a value of 1.0 to normal blood clotting function.Strokes and TIAs are among the strongest risk factors for having another stroke.

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Over the past decade, vitamin K has also been shown to promote calcium incorporation into bone, increasing bone mineral density and reducing fracture risk.

Since many factors—including diet, genetic differences, and medication use—influence how much warfarin an individual needs, achieving and maintaining optimal anticoagulation therapy is difficult at best.What are the signs of too much warfarin or a high INR?.Compared with participants in the lowest third of dietary vitamin K2 intake, those in the highest third had a 57% lower risk of dying from heart disease, after adjustment for other factors associated with heart disease.

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By Laurie Barclay, MD. Studies suggest that the RDA for vitamin K may be too low for optimal effects on bone and cardiovascular.Skip to content. (INR test) to make sure you are not taking too much warfarin.

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Physicians face a difficult challenge in prescribing warfarin to prevent strokes.Too high or too low an INR reading can quickly lead to complications.Patients taking warfarin may be especially susceptible to atherosclerosis resulting from calcium buildup in arterial walls.

What to watch out for: If you notice black or tarry-looking stools, this is a sign of stomach bleeding or intestinal bleeding, and should prompt you to seek medical attention You should also get urgent medical attention if you develop difficulty breathing while on aspirin.These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.This problem is compounded by the fact that many of the people using warfarin are elderly and already have osteoporosis and compromised bone integrity.In the large and prestigious Framingham Heart Study, a dietary questionnaire given to 335 men and 553 women (average age 75 years) showed that those with the lowest vitamin K intake had a 65% greater risk of suffering a hip fracture, compared to those who had the highest vitamin K intake. 27.The side effects of Lovenox include nausea and skin irritation at the site of injection.You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem.

Clues regarding the importance of vitamin K to bone health were first revealed in 1984, with the observation that patients who had fractures because of osteoporosis also had vitamin K levels 70% lower than those of age-matched controls. 24 Subsequent research confirmed that low bone mineral density and osteoporotic fractures were linked to low serum levels of vitamin K. 25,26.Doctors recommend that you eat the same amount of vitamin K every day in order to maintain a steady level of vitamin K in your body.In a study of patients undergoing surgery for aortic valve replacement, calcium buildup in the valves of warfarin-treated patients before surgery was twice that of patients who did not receive such treatment preoperatively. 15 Warfarin users may thus need to be particularly vigilant about safeguarding their cardiovascular health.

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