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Research Centers for Excellence in Clinical Preventive Services.Common causes of easy bruising include aging, blood-thinning medications, vitamin C deficiency, excess sun exposure and purpuric dermatosis, according to ABC News.

Know the side effects of blood thinners such as aspirin, Coumadin, Plavix, Lovenox and Heparin that are used for stroke prevention.We have compiled a list of the top ten blood thinners side effects that you should consider discussing with your health care provider before taking them.


Medicines you get over the counter may also interact with your blood thinner.

Bruising - Causes. By. disorders and conditions can cause bruising symptoms,.Anticoagulants (also referred to as blood-thinners) reduce your risk for heart attack, stroke, and blockages in your arteries and veins.

If you are taking a blood thinner, you should avoid drinking alcohol.The RICE protocol—rest, ice, compression and elevation—-is the appropriate initial treatment for most contusions.

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Health Tip: Lumps, Bumps and Bruises. Other causes for excessive bruising include. level of the blood thinner has become too high.

This could be a sign that the level of the blood thinner has become too high.

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Vigorous exercise may also cause bruises due to bringing about small tears in blood vessels.You also need to avoid activities and sports that could cause injury.

There are many problems that this can cause, and bruising is a very common cause.When taking blood thinning. time healing if you cut or bruise yourself.

Bruising that develops in association with a febrile illness.Blood from damaged blood cells deep beneath the skin collects near the.

Some people use a blood thinner. it can cause serious bleeding. If blood.The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality offers a free booklet and a video about blood thinner medicines.

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Call your doctor immediately if you have any of the following signs of serious bleeding.When taking a blood thinner it is important to be aware of its possible side effects.Blood Clots chemotherapy side effect, causes, symptom management and when to contact your healthcare provider during cancer treatment.

A general rule of thumb is to apply the ice pack for 15-20 minutes out of each hour for the first few hours following the injury.

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If so then does drinking 2 liters of water a day causes bruising, since it thins.Or, if you hurt your arm during a fall and then notice a large purple bruise, this means you are bleeding under your skin.In fact, more than 2 million people take blood thinners every day to keep them from developing dangerous blood clots.

My husband takes blood thinners and has bruising all the time.Most foot bruising is caused by a minor trauma or injury--from bumps, dropping something on your foot, scrapes, trips or falls, sports.For example, if you fall and hit your head, bleeding can occur inside your skull.

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