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While these are not specific, swelling and pain of the thigh or of the calf can be signs and symptoms of deep vein clots of the thighs.

do i have a blood clot in my brain or a brain aneurysm

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If you have a blood clot and it breaks free, it could travel to your lungs.Tell them the medicines you are taking. 5. Your Guide to Preventing and Treating Blood Clots.

I have been experiencing pain behind my left knee, and from what I can tell, it looks like I have a bruise there as well.

Your Guide to Preventing and Treating Blood Clots

Can a doc tell if u had a blood clot after symptoms are gone.

Whenever you have a tooth extracted, you are potentially at risk of getting something called a dry socket.Everything You Should Know About Prometrium Prometrium is a brand name medication for a type of hormone.And when in bed take a couple deep breaths that push blood flow and stretch you feet.

Blood clots or clotting conditions. you will not be able to visibly detect any blood in the urine.

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Determining if you have a blood clot in your leg is important.WebMD experts and contributors provide answers to: how can you tell if you have a blood clot.

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How to tell if you have a blood clot - Sarasota Vein - CATEGORY Prime Report: TITLE A blood clot is essentially coagulated blood.

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A blood clot is a gel-like mass formed by platelets and fibrin in the blood to stop bleeding. When.How do i tell the diff between a blood clot cramp and just a leg cramp.

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If there is a clot in the femoral vein, you are at risk for pulmonary embolism, which can be fatal.

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Thrombophlebitis is a swollen or inflamed vein due to a blood clot. If you have a catheter or IV line,.Blood clots of the arteries in the thighs would cause a cold, painful, and numb foot and calf.

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Call 911 or go to an emergency room right away if you notice.If a blood clot breaks free and travels to your heart and lungs, it could become dangerous.